Micro Reactor

A Micro Reactor is a device in which chemical reactions take place in micro channels. The Micro Reactor is usually a continuous flow reactor (contrast with/to a batch reactor). Micro Reactors offer many advantages over conventional scale reactors, including vast improvements in energy efficiency, reaction speed and yield, safety, reliability, scalability, on-site/on-demand production, and a much finer degree of process control.


Chemtrix Micro Reactors have up to 3 reagent inputs, suitable for A+B or A+B+C reactions. After the reactants are pumped into the Micro Reactor, the reactants are pre-heated before going into the SOR-mixer where they mix. After mixing, the fluids enter the residence time channels in which the reaction takes place. Depending on the speed of the reaction, different Micro Reactors are available with different volumes. To stop the reaction in the Micro Reactor, a quench can be pumped in. Before entering the second SOR mixer, the quench solvent is pre-heated. Besides SOR-mixer Micro Reactors, Chemtrix also supplies standard T-Mixer Micro Reactors.

Chemtrix BV supply a series of standard glass Micro Reactors, suitable for reaction screening at the mg to g scale. The Micro Reactors differ in volume and number of fluidic input connections.