A Year in Review!

April 4th 2020, Echt, Netherlands

FCI – Flow Chemistry India 7

12 to 13th September 2019


The 7th Edition of the Flow Chemistry India conference & exhibition was held in Mumbai, September 12-13 2019.  As in previous years, the event boasted excellent quality talks & networking opportunities, proving to be a highlight in our event calendar!


For those new to the field, a pre-event training session was delivered by Prof. Anil Kumar (IIT Bombay), bringing everyone up to speed on terminology & techniques.  The conference itself brought together a wide range of speakers & attendee’s from across fine chemical, agrochemical, specialty chemical & pharmaceutical sectors, demonstrating an appetite in India to transform the way that processes are developed & implemented at an Industrial scale.


More pronounced that at other events this year was the sheer number of cases that were demonstrating successful industrial implementation, across the pharma, specialty & CDMO space.  Clear business case development was another area where India seems to be ahead of other countries when it comes to continuous manufacturing – identifying early one the low-hanging fruit that is ripe for development using this emerging technology.


Highlights included presentations from Dr Malcolm Berry (Director of Chemistry, GSK), Dr Karuna Gnanavelu (Deputy General Manager, Anthem Biosciences), Dr Ganesan Balakrishnan (Research Director, Syngene International Ltd) & Dr Atul Dubey (Director PCM, USP),To add to the many fruitful discussions we were involved in during the session breaks, attendees also had the opportunity to take part in break-out sessions – allowing participants to ask questions that they otherwise may not have raised during the formal presentation sessions.  


This is an established event that brings together like-minded people from across the European & Indian chemical industries to present & discuss state-of-the-art developments in continuous manufacturing!  We are already looking forward to next years’ event!


CCFLOW Open Day 

25 to 26th September 2019

At the CCFLOW Open Day in Graz (AT), September 25-26 2019, we were lucky enough to take part in a great seminar program & a tour of Prof. C. O. Kappe’s CCFLOW labs.  This event gave attendees an opportunity to learn more about CCFLOW, discussing in more detail results from the various sub-projects & to see how continuous flow hardware is applied at a research scale.  As part of sub-project 2.2, we had a chance to showcase Protrix® & discuss its use in the Wolff-Kishner reaction together with Industry Partner AstraZeneca (case study).  For me, noteworthy was the high quality of industrial presentations given by Dr John Naber (MSD, USA), Dr Flavien Susanne (GSK) & Dr Joerg Sedelmeier (Roche) showing the significant advancements made towards industrialisation using flow chemistry in the pharma industry to deliver the best process not the best chemistry! For those of you not able to attend, a short video showcases the CCFLOW facilities at the University of Graz. 



CFRT – Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications

22 to 23rd October 2019


October 21-23 2019 saw the 11th Edition of the Continuous Flow Reactor Technology (CFRT) for Industrial Applications Symposium take place in Glasgow.  Held at the Technology & Innovation Centre (TIC), University of Strathclyde, the event combined a one-day hands-on training with a two-day Symposium & Exhibition.  The event showcased numerous industrial developments from Asymchem, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Servier, GSK & Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, highlighting significant industrial progress made over the past 12 months.  Keynotes from Prof. Timothy F. Jamison & Prof. Timothy Noel focussed on ‘On-demand Synthesis & Innovations in Flow’ – demonstrating a growing academic interest in continuous manufacturing & process development.  Collaboration was a key take home message from the event, learn more by downloading our presentation ‘Commercialisation of Process Intensification - Bridging the Chemist & Engineer Divide!’ jointly delivered with our Partner Flowid BV.  Registration is now open for the 12th Edition, to be held in Graz (Austria) 29-30 September 2020.


AFCS– Australian Flow Chemistry Symposium 

2 to 3rd December 2019


The Australian Flow Chemistry Symposium (AFCS), organised by CSIRO, gave many of its attendee’s a welcome break from the European Winter!  Hosted in Melbourne 2-3 Dec 2019, the event was a successful combination of presentations & networking – with a well-attended & stimulating poster session!  The technical sessions gave clear insight into the various areas that Australia can benefit from continuous manufacturing, including biomedical materials, agrochemical & space chemistry – alongside the more conventional sectors of specialty & pharmaceutical sciences.  Presentations from Prof. Tanja Junkers highlighted the exquisite control obtained by performing polymerisation chemistry under flow conditions, Dr Karen Robertson demonstrated the exploitation of continuous manufacturing for controlled crystallisation, Prof. Shu Kobayashi presented his groups advances in sequential flow processes towards API’s such as Baclofen & Donepezil & Prof. Helen Lebel showcased the direct production of high quality TMS-diazomethane. 


Aside from the excellent presentations & networking opportunities, a personal highlight of the event was a tour of the recently opened FloWorks Centre for Industrial Flow Chemistry in Clayton, where we got to see our Plantrix® flow reactor set-up for industrial process development. A big thank you to all involved in organising this inaugural event!