Flow Scan


To offer a low risk, low cost introduction of Flow Chemistry, Chemtrix BV offers the Flow Scan. With the Flow Scan, Customer selected reactions are shared with Chemtrix BV for a theoretical assessment of any benefits or opportunities that Flow Chemistry has to offer. Based on the long experience we have at Chemtrix BV we can assess based on best practices and knowledge of the literature, if it is possible to run provided reactions in continuous flow, along with offering a starting point for experimental work.


At Chemtrix BV, we acknowledge the importance of confidentiality and IP generation when delivering services to your Organization. This means that all work performed by Chemtrix BV shall be executed under a non-disclosure agreement with full confidentiality. Chemtrix BV does not claim any right to the developed intellectual property relating to work that is exclusively performed for your Organization.

  • Low risk, low cost introduction of Flow Chemistry for your company
  • Select the reactions with possible advantages in flow
  • Theoretical assessment
  • Define starting point of experimental work