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Join us this summer in Germany where we exhibit at Achema (June 15-19, Frankfurt) and Chemspec (June 24&25, Cologne). At these events we present our new industrial flow reactor, Plantrix® MR555. Plantrix® enables efficient, continuous production at 1000's of tonne scale, with a dramatically increased throughput.

Using 3M™ Advanced Ceramic, Plantrix® MR555 has excellent corrosion resistance, high heat transfer and a low pressure drop. Plantrix® MR555 joins our existing portfolio of flow reactors which facilitate...




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Flow Chemistry Society - India Chapter
Geleen, 2015-09

Flow Chemistry Society - India ChapterOn June 30th, the Flow Chemistry Society - India Chapter was constituted. India is one of the pioneering countries when it comes to adopting Continuous Flow Technology in R&D and Industrial production. This is a very important milestone on our path to implement this technology globally. We would like to congratulate our representative and colleague Vijay Kirpalini with his appointment as founding president. We look forward to cooperating with the FCS India Chapter!

Delivery of Industrial Flow Chemistry plant
Geleen, 2015-08

Delivery of Industrial Flow Chemistry plantWe are proud to announce that this week we have delivered 11 Plantrix® Industrial Flow Reactors to India, to operate in an Industrial Continuous Flow Chemistry Plant. The Silicon Carbide reactors will be used in a multi tonne per hour production plant. This installation proves the ability of Flow Chemistry at the industrial scale! If you would like to have more information about our industrial reactors, please contact us at info@chemtrix.com.

USA Flow Chemistry Seminars: Presentations and Look Back
Geleen, 2015-05

USA Flow Chemistry Seminars: Presentations and Look BackIn early April, Chemtrix (in cooperation with our US partner Proteaf Technologies) organized a series of Flow Chemistry seminars in the US with speakers from Waters, FujiTechno, DSM, Merck, Eli Lilly, AMPAC Fine Chemicals, Purdue University, University of Connecticut and Northeastern University.  As we look back to some very successful events, with over 150 participants joining us to discuss where they have benefited from the technology, clear take home messages of the...

Chemtrix Develops Flexible & Adaptable Continuous Production Facility for Experimental Nanopharmaceuticals
Geleen, 2015-02

Chemtrix Develops Flexible & Adaptable Continuous Production Facility for Experimental NanopharmaceuticalsTogether with eight partners, Chemtrix BV have entered a 6.3 M€ project funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 framework program.  The so-called ‘NanoPilot’ project kicked-off in January 2015 and will deliver a pilot plant that is flexible and adaptable towards the production of clinical batches of polymer-based nanopharmaceuticals. As the cost of bringing a drug to market continues to rise, SME’s are thought to hold the key to...