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‘Continuous Flow Technology - From Research to Production’ - Taiwan & China Seminars


Worldwide the chemical industry is changing.  The challenge for companies is to remain cost competitive whilst ensuring they conform to best practices.  Continuous flow technology is leading at both research and production scales, with a user base that spans the fine chemical, specialty chemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors.


With advantages in safety, size and process control, to name a few, continuous reactors offer opportunities in terms of new reaction space for...




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Chemtrix Develops Flexible & Adaptable Continuous Production Facility for Experimental Nanopharmaceuticals
Geleen, 2015-02

Chemtrix Develops Flexible & Adaptable Continuous Production Facility for Experimental NanopharmaceuticalsTogether with eight partners, Chemtrix BV have entered a 6.3 M€ project funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 framework program.  The so-called ‘NanoPilot’ project kicked-off in January 2015 and will deliver a pilot plant that is flexible and adaptable towards the production of clinical batches of polymer-based nanopharmaceuticals. As the cost of bringing a drug to market continues to rise, SME’s are thought to hold the key to...

Chemtrix opens test facility in India
Mumbai, 2015-01

Chemtrix opens test facility in IndiaChemtrix BV and Pi Process Intensification are proud to announce the opening of our Plantrix® test facility in India. 'This test facility in New-Mumbai allows our customers to try their reaction(s) of interest on our Plantrix® (SiC) Industrial Flow Chemistry systems' comments Vijay Kirpalani of Pi Process Intensification. Plantrix® is the product range for Industrial Continuous Manufacturing of Chemtrix BV in the Netherlands. Please click here for more info...

White paper: Continuous Manufacturing - Producing more with less
Dr. Charlotte Wiles

White paper: Continuous Manufacturing - Producing more with lessWith the advent of commercially available flow equipment, the technique of continuous processing is now widely accessible for the synthetic chemist facilitating development of not only lab-scale transformations but, as the field matures, also pilot and plant based processes. That said, a challenge for continuous flow technology is that it competes with established, and in most cases fully written off, production infrastructure. It therefore stands to reason that initially uptake...

FDA Supports the use of Continuous Manufacturing
International Symposium on Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals

FDA Supports the use of Continuous ManufacturingOrganised by CMAC (Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous Manufacturing & Crystallisation, UK) & MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) on the request of the FDA, the International Symposium of Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals (http://iscmp.mit.edu/) was a 2 day event held in Boston (20-21st May 2014). Attended by industry leaders and technology providers, the Symposium was the ideal platform through which to discuss the potential...