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AGI Group Acquires Chemtrix BV!

4 January 2024

Chemtrix BV is excited to announce its successful acquisition by AGI Group, effective 29th December 2023!

AGI Group, founded in Japan, is a world-leading solutions provider of precision manufactured glass equipment across chemical processing industries, including the scientific & pharmaceutical sectors.  The core strategy of the AGI Group is to expand its global presence to support Customers & enable sales growth outside of Japan. 

AGI Group has an exciting & expanding portfolio of well-known brands, including - but not limited to - the AGI Group flagship brand AGI Glassplant; Premex Reactor, a supplier of premium quality high-pressure reactor systems & magnetic stirrers for R&D; & Syrris, the global leader in flow chemistry solutions for laboratory scale.  

The strategic acquisition of Chemtrix brings flow chemistry scale-up capabilities into AGI Group, supporting Customers with both pilot & manufacturing solutions!

Mr. Mike Hawes, CEO of AGI International, commented:
“We are very excited to have Chemtrix join AGI Group.  We have a strong & successful history in providing high performance flow chemistry solutions for research laboratories.  The addition of Chemtrix now allows us to support the market in scaling up their processes to the pilot plant & manufacturing scales.  Chemtrix has a fantastic reputation in this market, & we are delighted to be able to offer the high quality & high performance solutions in the Chemtrix portfolio

Dr. Charlotte Wiles, CEO of Chemtrix BV, commented:
“Our strategy focuses on developing close collaborations with end users across academia, the fine chemical, specialty & pharmaceutical industries to develop a complete, easy to scale product portfolio while delivering our Customers safe & reliable scale-up from lab to industrial production.  We are delighted to join AGI Group, & continue our shared mission of delivering high quality, efficient solutions that meet our Customer's challenging process needs.”    

About AGI Group
Founded in 1950 in Omuta, Japan, by Mr. Yutaka Ikeda as a glassware manufacturer, the AGI Group is a leading solution provider of chemical processing methods.  AGI Group is a dynamic, fast-growing International Company with offices & manufacturing sites across Japan, UK, Switzerland, Italy, North America & India.  AGI Group is the biggest employer of scientific glassblowers in the world & is driven by knowing that advances in research & development will result in beneficial contributions to society!

About Chemtrix
Founded in 2008, in Geleen The Netherlands, Chemtrix BV offers a scalable flow reactor portfolio that affords researchers & industrialists the tools required to harness the advantages of primary continuous manufacturing.  We combine expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering & chemistry to help our Customers to benefit from the advantages that flow chemistry brings.  Our expertise enables us to offer scalable & flexible flow chemistry solutions, focussing on delivering our Customers higher profits by accessing new chemical possibilities via a safe & reliable scale-up from lab to production-scale.  Working closely with academia & industry, we work to change the way that chemical processes are developed & implemented.  Our global user base spans research institutes & government laboratories to leaders in the fine chemical, specialty & pharmaceutical industries.

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