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Scalable Flow Chemistry

Chemtrix offers a scalable flow reactor portfolio that enables Industry & Academia to harness the advantages of Flow Chemistry & Process Intensification. Founded in 2008, Chemtrix closely collaborates with fine chemical & pharmaceutical Companies to develop an easy to use, scalable reactor portfolio. The result being a range of small-footprint Flow Reactors for mg-scale reaction screening, through to multi-tonne industrial production.

Our lab systems use glass Flow Reactors, selected for their chemical resistance, optical transparency & familiarity to the R&D chemist. When scaling to pilot-production & full-scale manufacturing, we employ ceramic Flow Reactors, fabricated from 3M™ silicon carbide, to deliver unrivalled chemical compatibility, heat transfer capabilities & reactor lifetime.

Why Flow Chemistry? By changing how chemical processes are developed we deliver increased process safety, reduced operating costs & new chemical possibilities - both at the lab & industrial scale. Contact us with your questions!

Our Products & Services


By combining engineering & chemistry expertise, we have developed a Flow Reactor portfolio that enables safe & efficient scale-up from lab to production!

Flow Process Development

Access over two decades of Flow Chemistry experience to evaluate the feasibility of converting your idea into reality! Determine the benefits & opportunities that Flow Chemistry c...

Industrial System Engineering

We Partner to design & realise complete pilot or production systems, tailored to your process needs! Turn-key, automated flow systems built to industry standards. Choose from a r...

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