Flow Process Development

Do you have a process in mind but don't know where to start?  We work alongside your Team to identify the opportunities that you want to access through Flow Chemistry & offer a tailor made plan to deliver the proof.  

  • FlowScan:  Theoretical assessment of portfolio opportunities & goals
  • Feasibility Assessment:  Proof of concept delivery for selected processes 
  • Pilot Proof:  Definition & demonstration of optimal conditions 

Examples of User benefits:

  • Simple introduction to Flow Chemistry
  • Low barrier to entry with a theoretical evaluation
  • Rapid assessment of process opportunities, with low risk
  • Access to additional R&D capacity, alongside internal resources

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We acknowlegde the importance of confidentiality & IP generation when delivering Services to you.  This means that all work performed by Chemtrix is executed under a non-disclosure agreement & Chemtrix does not claim any right to the developed IP that relates to work exclusively performed for your Organisation. 

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