Industrial System Engineering

Are you looking to turn your reactor into a production system, but not sure where to start?  We work alongside your Team to accelerate tech-transfer, reduce scale-up risk & implementation time.

  • Basic Engineering:  Project scoping & URS development
  • Detailed Engineering:  Optimised design based URS & pre-HAZOP 
  • Realisation:  Procurement, building, testing & delivery
  • Commissioning:  SAT & commissioning of your industrial flow system

Examples of projects:

  • Hybrid batch / flow systems to de-bottleneck & inc. production capacity
  • Production of lachrymators at 800 kg-scale from a fume cupboard
  • ATEX, CE & cGMP skids for multi-metric tonne-scale manufacture
  • Small-footprint, high-volume manufacture of highly potent materials

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We acknowlegde the importance of confidentiality & IP generation when delivering Services to you.  This means that all work performed by Chemtrix is executed under a non-disclosure agreement & Chemtrix does not claim any right to the developed IP that relates to work exclusively performed for your Organisation. 

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